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Electric Dog Fence from Home Depot

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An electric dog fence is great if you're looking to set up boundaries for your dog - however still be able to have the dog run loose. Home Depot is one store that carries a nice selection of electric dog fence tools such as wireless containment systems, receivers and collars as well as boundary wires and flags. These tools will allow your dog to be free on your property, and he will stay there. So no matter what type of gardening equipment or outdoor materials you're looking for, Home Depot is great to check out - they have a wide selection, quality brands and many reasonable prices.

PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System - Covers Up To 1/2 Acre

"Wireless: Just plug-and-play, sets up in minutes. Portable: can be easily taken to a new home, or while traveling in an RV. Safe and secure: provides a safe zone for your pet that cannot be run through, dig-under or jumped over. No installation, no burying wire, no stakes. Receiver uses PetSafe RFA-67 battery module."

PetSafe UltraLight Receiver and Collar

"For multiple dog owners, works with both the Standard and Deluxe fence kits. Weighs only 1.5 oz. - smallest receiver on the market. Receiver shuts off after 22 seconds of corrections (fail-safe). Coded, so it cannot be accidentally set off like other brands. Microprocessor allows a warning consistently based on distance."

PetSafe Deluxe Big Dog Trainer

"PetSafe's Deluxe Big Dog Trainer can help you teach basic obedience commands and correct undesirable behaviors such as digging, chewing, jumping up, hurdling fences, tug-of-war on the leash, and barking. The Big Dog Trainer has two main components: a Receiver Collar and a hand-held Remote Transmitter. The Remote Transmitter has 10 levels of stimulation plus a tone-only button."

PetSafe 500 Ft. Boundary Wire and 50 Boundary Flags

"Need to purchase the PRFA-500 with each standard or deluxe kit. This wire and flag kit provides the wire and flags to cover the area of containment for your radio fence product. This kit includes 50 boundary flags, 500 Ft. of boundary wire and two wire nuts. Contains enough wire to enclose about 1/3 acre. If your containment area is bigger, you will need to purchase additional kits."

These sets can be found at homedepot.com

Sun Aug 31, 2014 9:52 pm
Name: Kristien URL: lovemykeiko@yahoo.com Comment: Just wondering the prices of all of the different electric fences and also what is the difference between the PetSafe Deluxe Big Dog Trainer and the PetSafe Ultra Light Receiver and collar? I have 3 big dogs and 1 Beagle that I rarely worry about it's just my big dogs that tend to find a way breaking out of the skirting of our mobile home. We are afraid one of them will get under there and get in the electrical wires or even get out and possibly bite someone. I want to do whatever I can to keep my dogs safe.
Thanks, Kristien

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