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Door Mats from Lowes in Iron, Rubber & Coir

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A door mat is an essential accessory to have in front of your front door as well as patio door. For some time I have been thinking about getting a new mat, I find that it's quite an important thing to have outside of the door, as well as inside of the door so that anyboy that enters my home can swipe of their feet thoroughly. I have been looking at various materials, and right now I'm considering these door mats from Lowes in iron, rubber and coir. I like these very sturdy materials - rubber iron (rubber that is made to look like wrought iron) of course is very decorative and adds a nice touch to an entrance. However I'm questioning exactly how practical this type of door mat is. Does it remove enough dirt from the shoes, and how about mud?

Coir on the other hand is probably a more useful option since you can brush your feet on this mat and get the shoes cleaner. Of course, I should keep in mind that it's even more effective if you have two door mats: one exterior and one interior, so in that case it doesn't much matter if the first one (outside) isn't as effective, however ideally I would like mats that are really good at removing the dirt. After all, when guests or family members come in and drag more dirt inside, then I'm the one that has to do more cleaning in the end! Another aspect of the coir mats that I like is that they are very eco friendly, however I have also heard about door mats made out of recycled rubber tires, so maybe that would be something! Perhaps I should pay Lowes a visit firsthand, because even though you get some idea of the quality and feel by the pictures, I bet I could get an even better understanding of the best mat by simply touching it.

Bacova 20" x 30" Natural Clean Mat

"Scroll border decorative edge. Recycled rubber backing. Woven coir face to scrape shoes clean"

Surface Source 18" x 30" Brick Colombo Mat

"Natural rubber with Coir. Known for the brushing effect. Skid resistant. Very durable. Eco-friendly"

LGS 1'6" x 2'6" Wrought Iron Rubber Mat

"100% natural rubber with molded designs. Heavy duty mats. Very suitable for using in Winter. Eco-friendly"

Mohawk 21-1/2" x 33" Tiled Wrought Iron Mat

"100% Recycled Rubber Base with 100% Polyester Flock On Face. Clean With Vacuum or Shake Out, Occasionally Rinse With Garden Hose and Air Dry. Made With Recycled Rubber Tires. Surface Grabs Debris From Shoes"

These rugs can be found at lowes.com

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