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Dog Houses from Lowes in Wood & Vinyl

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Does your dog need his own private dog house or cottage? Then perhaps you should take a look at Lowes where they carry a wide selection of dog houses in wood and vinyl. These dog cottages are very sturdy built and absolutely adorable. Some of these dog houses feature shingle roofing and windows, whereas others are more simple.

You can find cedar dog houses, wooden dog houses as well as polypropylene vinyl dog houses among other products. These Lowes dog houses are so cute and can be made to match your own house with a coat of paint. Now wouldn't that be absolutely adorable! Your large house, and a matching sweet dog house which looks like it belongs right there in your yard. What dog would not be comfortable in his very own cottage, especially one that is insulated and come with a floor and a roof.

When you look at different options, you definitely want to look closer when it comes to insulation. If you're planning on keeping the dog in the dog house for cold periods or extended periods when you're off to work for example, then you don't want your little darling to be cold, so an insulated dog house would make a lot of sense. Another thing to think about is material. There are lots of great looking wooden doghouses, however do keep in mind that they are not as easy to hose down and clean as a vinyl or plastic house would be. Then of course, a vinyl house doesn't offer nearly as much charm and style as one made out of real wood and with a nice coat of paint.

You can find these types of dog houses at various home improvement stores, Lowes being one of them. It's also worth to check out if you can order one and have it personalized with your exact preferences including size, material and maybe even have your dog's name on the house!

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Backyard Builders Dog Cottage

"Hinged roof allows easy access to inside. Insulated walls, poly curtains and plexiglass windows. Cedar construction is naturally decay, rot, and insect resistant. Vented soffits. Sink- and rot-resistant leg caps included. The perfect dog house for any season"

dog house
Companion Gear Wooden Dog House

"Peaked roof. Natural fir. Weather-proof roof. Adjustable legs to keep off grass. Extended awning and airflow vent. Best suited for large dogs. Safe haven for your dog from tough outdoor elements"

Simply Cedar Large Cedar Dog House

"Redwood stained cedar dog house for your pet's protection from the elements. Roof panels are lightweight/removable for easy cleaning. Naturally insect and decay resistant. Raised floor construction provides air flow under house. Beautiful addition to any backyard"

Suncast Deluxe Large Dog House

"Attractive color & design. Assembles quickly. No tools required. Space above doorway to personalize the house (labels included). Easy to clean with soap and spray down with garden hose. Polypropylene construction will stand up to severe elements (heat, cold, sun). Includes clear vinyl door for protection in bad weather"

These dog houses can be found at lowes.com

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