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Discount Outdoor Area Rugs from JC Penney

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To make an outdoor area more comfortable and decorated can easily be accomplished with an outdoor rug would be perfect. JC Penney is one store that carries a nice selection of discount outdoor area rugs in many different styles which certainly would add a lot of flair and elegance. What's so nice about putting down an outdoor rug, is that it basically frames the area of your furniture, and make the space feel tighter and more comfortable - cozier in other words.

These rugs range from classic to contemporary in design and can be found in various sizes and shapes. To choose the right design for your space can certainly be a tricky. You can either go the mellow way where you want the rug to provide a nice backdrop where it doesn't stand out too much, but instead it's simple creating a nice base. Or you could go the other route where the rug is really adding a nice splash of color and becomes to focus. Either way can work out well, it just depends on what kind of style you're going for. It can also be a good idea to remember that it's best to place one of these outdoor rugs under a covered area such as a porch. Even though these rugs are supposed to being able to handle moisture and wear and tear, it doesn't mean you should leave them out in the open for days or weeks on end. On the other hand, putting down an outdoor rug can be a great thing to do if you're having a party and you want to make the seating group feel more comfortable, however in that case, you probably would remove the rug once the weather turns... So no matter whether you're looking for a blue, black, grey or red outdoor rug, you're sure to find an affordable model. JC Penney also carries stylish outdoor furniture, accessories and garden supplies. 

"Excellent for indoor or outdoor use. 100% fiber-enhanced Courtron polypropylene is pet-friendly and resistant to mold and mildew. Yarn-dyed for lasting color. Flat-weave construction."

Checkered Field Outdoor Rug

Garden Lattice Outdoor Rug

Saddle Stitch Outdoor Rug

Summit Outdoor Rug

These rugs can be found at jcpenney.com

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