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Deck & Patio Storage Boxes from Kmart - Resin, Suncast

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If you have limited space and need somewhere to store all your outdoor furniture cushions and accessories, then perhaps some deck and patio storage boxes would be perfect. Kmart is one store that carries a nice selection of Resin and Suncast storage boxes in various models such as hose hideaway, storage benches and taupe deck boxes with wheels. These outdoor storage units are very sleek and simple, and would go great within most decors.

If you don't have enough room in your garage or shed, or if you simply don't have one of those things, then buying a storage box would be a really good idea. What's so great about this type of storage box is that, if you keep your outdoor cushions in it, then you always have easy access to them: they will be right there where the furniture are so you don't have to carry them into the house etc... That way it's easy enough to bring them out and protect them against the rain and the wind when you're done using them. These deck storage boxes are of course water proof and would be perfect for all kinds of things. So no matter whether you need something to store outdoor cushions, garden equipment or other tools and keep them close by and handy, checking out these various boxes from Kmart would definitely be a good idea. There are quite a few models to choose between in various sizes so it shouldn't be impossible to find something that works with your needs and space.

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Swivel Hose Hideaway with Storage

"Backyard helpers keep everything in its place. Attractive molded exteriors make a good appearance on the deck or in the yard. Assembly is required. Made in USA. Keeps up to a 225 ft. hose handy and out of sight. Base swivels for easy unwinding and includes ground stakes to hold the base in place. Smart Track hose guide automatically tracks hose neatly onto the reel."

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Suncast Outdoor Storage Box

"The Suncast outdoor storage box provides a great combination of form and function with ample room for storage and a stylish exterior."

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Taupe Deck Box with Wheels

"Backyard helpers keep everything in its place. Attractive molded exteriors make a good appearance on the deck or in the yard. Assembly is required. Made in USA. Open the lid and find 9.75 cubic feet of storage space. Great for outdoor furniture, cushions and accessories. Handles and wheels make transportation easy."

Resin Patio Storage Bench and Cooler

"Whoever said the great outdoors can't be comfortable too? These sturdy resin pieces add a touch of luxury living to your backyard, patio or deck. Sturdy resin construction makes them ideal to leave outdoors. Patio Storage Bench offers comfortable seating with gently curved back doubles as roomy storage."

These storage boxes can be found at kmart.com

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