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Cub Cadet Tiller with Honda Engine

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A Cub Cadet tiller would be a great choice if you're looking for a durable and reliable tiller to do heavy garden work. You can find a Cub Cadet tiller with Honda engine, so it's very well made and can handle heavy loads of work. When it comes to buying garden equipment you definitely want to pay special attention to what kind of engine is in the machine as that is what will determine the performance of the machine. These Cub Cadet garden tillers are comfortable to use and feature dual-directional tines, self-propelled, with forward and reverse, adjustable depth bar and pneumatic, and tread wheels among other details. Cub Cadet is a great brand if you're looking for reliable, well made garden equipment, however of course there are other quality brands that would be good alternatives if you can't find this particular one at your home improvement store.

A good tiller should be ergonomic to use and durable - it should be able to handle relatively thick areas with ease. Because that's really why you would invest in a tiller; to make life easier for you so you don't have to do quite as much heavy work yourself. With one of these machines it will be easy to keep your outdoor space looking its best and they are quite fun to use as well! So if you're looking for well constructed garden equipment that will last for many years to come, then Cub Cadet is certainly worth checking out. Cub Cadet is well known to make a variety of outdoor machines of high quality that are sturdy and efficient.

Cub Cadet 190cc Honda GC 190 OHV Engine Garden Tiller

"Tough enough to turn even the hardest earth into fertile soil that's perfect for planting a garden or growing grass. 190cc Honda GC 190 OHV engine for long engine life. 18" tilling width. 12" dual-directional tines. Self-propelled, w/forward and reverse. Adjustable depth bar. 16" pneumatic, ag tread wheels."

Cub Cadet 160cc Honda GC 160 OHV Engine Garden Tiller

"Tear into your work with a Cub Cadet front or rear tine tiller. It turns the hardest earth into fertile soil that's perfect for planting a garden or growing grass. 12" steel tines. Forward rotating tines with power reverse. Plow-style handling with depth stake. 8" steel wheels."

These tillers can be found at cubcadet.com

Sat Jul 30, 2011 5:24 pm
Name: ava | Comment: why is it that I can not find your Cub Cadet GC 145 is it because it is to cheap to mention?
i have looked in several sites, could you please guide me to the correct site and can I download a manuel for it? It was the last and store model at Home Depot and did not come with a manuel.

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