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Cub Cadet Log Splitter with Honda Engine

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A Cub Cadet log splitter with a Honda engine will give you all the power and performance that you're looking for. If you use a lot of firewood and you spend plenty of time chopping it, then you might be looking for another option. Enter the log splitter: with a fraction of the time and effort it takes you to manually chop wood you can split log after log and save your back in the process! Cub Cadet is one of several brands to choose between, however they make very good products, so they would certainly be worth a look.

You can find two Cub Cadet log splitters which are both very durable and reliable. These log splitters feature 27 Tons of ram pressure, 5" log capacity, 19 second cycle time, standard jack stand and yellow diamond-plate steel fenders among other details. Cub Cadet is a great brand if you're looking for reliable, well made garden equipment, and of course they also offer other types of equipments. Cub Cadet is well known to make a variety of outdoor machines of high quality that are sturdy and efficient. So if you're looking for well constructed garden equipment that will last for many years to come, then Cub Cadet is certainly worth checking out: and with a Honda engine, these log splitters are sure to do their job and not disappoint.

Cub Cadet log splitter with 160cc Honda OHC/OHV Engine, 27 Ton Ram Pressure

"Built to make quick work of the toughest jobs, these heavy-duty log splitters are efficient and easy to use. 160cc Honda OHC/OHV Engine. 27 Tons of Ram Pressure. 5" Log Capacity. 19 Second Cycle Time. Standard Jack Stand. Pre-Assembled. There's higher pressure, more horsepower and larger-capacity tanks. Plus, heavy-duty engineering that's as smart as it is reliable."

Cub Cadet log splitter with 250cc Kohler OHV Engine, 33 Ton Ram Pressure

"What does our 25" log capacity mean for you? You can spend less time prepping logs and more time splitting them. But a larger capacity is just one of the many features built into our premium Cub Cadet log splitters. 250cc Kohler OHV Engine. 33 Tons of Ram Pressure. 25" Log Capacity. 15 Second Cycle Time. Deluxe Jack Stand. Yellow Diamond-Plate Steel Fenders"

These log splitters can be found at cubcadet.com

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