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Costco Security Motion Sensor Lights - Solar & LED

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If you want to take extra precaution when it comes to your house and property, then you should check out the security motion sensor lights at Costco. These security lights from Costco are solar powered, have LED lamps or are electric, so there is certainly a wide array of different options to choose from here. You can find a range of different motion sensor lights - some even come with cameras so you can have a complete view over who approaches your house.

To take some extra precautions when it comes to your family, does seem like a no brainer, however some people think that these setups are complicated and difficult figure out. To install mostion sensor lights is a good way of adding extra security, without getting too intrusive. It can be very practical to see when someone comes close to your house, and it's also practical for you and your family: when you come home at night and it's dark, you will be welcomed by light as you approach your house.

These Costco motion sensor lights are easy to install and work very well. As soon someone walks by your house or approaches your door, a light will come on. This not only scares away intruders, but can also be very practical if you or anyone in your family comes home when it's dark outside. Picking the right light can be a bit tricky. Solar lights a perfect if you don't want to do any wiring, however it might not be quite as reliable. LED lights are very bright and would be a good choice if you want something that you know will work at all times. So no matter what your outdoor needs are, Costco is certainly worth checking out, as they carry a variety of products for the home, including some home security products such as these.

Solar Halogen Motion Activated Security Light

"Provides bright light and insures security around the house, garden, office, business, shed, barn, wherever you need it. This light features a 10 Watt / 6V halogen bulb with PIR (passive infra-red) motion sensor. The motion sensor and the light are fully adjustable. The field of vision is approximately 33 feet with 180 degree detection angle. The battery capacity is for 50 illuminations of 20 seconds each per charge. Also featuring a replaceable and rechargeable sealed lead acid battery pack."

Sunforce Solar LED Motion Light with Detached Solar Panel Modul

"We have the solution to your security and outdoor lighting needs. This solar motion light is easy to install and no wiring is required which makes it ideal for remote locations such as garages, pathways and sheds. 5 super bright LEDs provide strong and lasting light. Sensitivity control adjusts the distance for sensing movement. Weather-resistant design. Charges during the day and works at night.
Amorphous solar panel collects sunlight even on cloudy days"

Patroller Motion Sensor Security Light with Built-In Digital Camera / Recorder

"Keep an eye on your property with this stealth patroller motion sensor security light / digital camera by Stealth Cam. It is easy to install and an inexpensive security solution for your home, job site or other property that needs added protection. This security system utilizes a built-in 2.0 mega pixel color digital security camera to capture time and date stamped images when triggered. Its motion sensor activates both the powerful 500-watt halogen spotlight and camera."

Xepa Solar LED Security Light With Detached Solar Panel Module 45 High Efficiency LEDs

"This LED matrix light provides bright and even illumination in many applications – in and around your house, apartment, garage, on a RV, or even in your boat. The fully adjustable light panel houses 45 high efficiency LEDs in matrix formation. This light also has an Enhanced Passive Infra-red (ePIR) motion sensor with variable delay timer and adjustable day/night sensor."

These lights can be found at costco.com

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