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Costco Pest Control - Insect Repeller

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Bugs and insects can really destroy your garden atmosphere, however now you can do something about it. Costco carries a nice selection of pest control products such as insect repeller options. These pest control products utilize various methods such as propane gas, sound and vibration to capture or chase away insects. These system are great if you're going camping, or simply to put in your garden or on your porch. So no matter what your outdoor needs are, Costco is certainly worth checking out, as they carry a wide selection of quality outdoor furniture, lighting and landscaping products.

PowerTrap 1 Acre Mosquito and Insect Control

"To attract and trap mosquitoes, no-see-ums, black flies, biting midges and other biting insects, the PowerTrap mixes propane and air in a flameless catalytic converter, and using a platinum catalyst that never needs to be replaced, generates heat, moisture and carbon dioxide; the acknowledged leading attractants for mosquitoes and biting flies."

Galaxie PowerVac 1 Acre Mosquito and Insect Control

"The Galaxie PowerVac features advanced technology to attract and kill Mosquitoes and other biting insect pests without the need to burn propane gas for areas up to 1 acre. The triple action insect luring system of the Galaxie PowerVac features multiple attractants' heat, light, motion, scent, color and shape."

Malibu Low Voltage Mosquito Sentinel 360

"The Malibu Mosquito Sentinel MZ501 is a must have for those backyard gatherings, camping or any other activity that is outside. The Mosquito Sentinel has a revolutionary patent pending technology to provide mosquito protection for up to half an acre by dependably trapping mosquitoes. Enjoy the outdoors without the fear of being eaten alive."

Sunforce Solar Pest Repeller 2 pk

"No more moles, voles, gophers or other rodents invading your lawn or garden. The solar pest repeller repels rodents by emitting an intermittent combination of sound and vibration. Repels by emitting an intermittent combination of sound and vibration. Solar powered pest repeller works day & night. Weatherproofed"

These pest control products can be found at costco.com

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