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Costco Garden Planters - Hanging, Ceramic, Decorative

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Adding a decorative touch to your garden would be easy with the help of some nice garden planters. Costco is one store that carries a couple of stylish and elegant garden planters such as hanging planters, ceramic planters and purely decorative planters. These flower planters are made in various materials such as fiberglass and ceramic and feature different designs ranging from classic to contemporary. It's amazing what a difference it can make to add some nice plants in fine planters to your patio, porch or balcony: suddenly you have green life and some nice lush greens to frame in the space and make it more enjoyable.

To pick the right planter can be a challenge: first of all you might want to consider your space, how large is it, what style are you going for? Next think about what type of plants you would like. Perhaps a nice overflowing green plant, some nice flowers or why not a strawberry or herb plant? Try to picture the plant in the planter and see which style would work best. Some of these planters are quite large and stately and would look perfect at an entrance - others are much smaller, but classic nonetheless.

A nice hanging garden planter or a ceramic planter can really provide a focal point in the garden or on the porch. These Costco outdoor planters are available in many different designs and materials - you can find bronze planters, fiberglass planters as well as outdoor vase planters. So if you're thinking about upgrading your outdoor space with some nice decorative objects, then Costco would be worth a look since they have a wide selection of different products and sometimes you can find things which you really wouldn't find elsewhere.

Yoshiyo 2-Way Flower Basket 2-Pack

"Yoshiyo’s well-thought design allows you to use this lovely flower basket in two ways – you can attach the basket under a window or on a wall using wall mounting brackets or place the basket on any flat surface by attaching legs. Just line the basket with moss and plant your favorite flowers or place already planted flowerpots."

X-CELL Lifestyle Fiberglass Bronze Leaf Planter

"Buy two for the front entrance, dramatic pair. Over size urn, 26" tall for that special location. Looks like aged bronze, metallic finish, large square base. Stone Powder & Fiberglass. Bronze color. Leaf accents"

Oola Planters Tall or Small Fiberglass Planters

"Stylish, exotic – these planters are original designs that lend grace and distinction in a variety of settings. Truly indoor / outdoor, fiberglass is very long-lasting. It withstands rain, cold, or sun without drying, cracking or splitting. Unique one-piece construction allows a seamless, high-gloss finish."

Mighty Red 33" Iron Ceramic Vase Deep Ruby Red

"This outdoor vase is carefully crafted to provide lasting beauty to your deck, patio or entranceway. Deep ruby red vase is made of ceramic and is perfect for displaying fresh or dried arrangements both indoors and out. Fill it with bent willow branches to create a stunning display piece in your outdoor living area."

These planters can be found at costco.com

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