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Classic & Contemporary Outdoor Lamp Posts from Kmart

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Kmart carries a nice selection of elegant outdoor lamp posts which would add ambiance and atmosphere to any outdoor space. To add some more outdoor lighting to your space is always a good thing: you simply cannot go wrong with a brighter space, especially in the evening. These outdoor lamp posts from Kmart are made in sturdy materials such as cast aluminum, iron and glass and they are surprisingly affordable. If you don't want to spend too much money on your outdoor lighting but you still want some nice design and a good build, then checking out Kmart would definitely be worth it.

These outdoor lights some in classic as well as contemporary designs, so you're sure to find something to suit your taste. Some of these lamps feature three lights, whereas some have a single light. The ones with three lights or four lights feel rather large and substantial and would of course also offer even more light. You could place one of these units on your patio, porch, in your garden or maybe in the front of your house. If you also want an excuse to add some more flowers to your home, then perhaps picking the lamp post that comes with a planter would be a good idea. This would add a very nice touch and of course you could plant anything you would like in the planter. The outdoor patio lamp displayed below definitely feature an even more rustic impression with a rustic patina and a square light design. This one plugs into any regular outlet and would be a nice addition to any yard or entrance.

lamp post
4-Globe Lampost, 32-1/2 in. W x 101 in. H

"Elegantly crafted and die cast to enhance and beautify your home. Quality outdoor lighting adds safety and security to your home or business. Features include strong rust-free aluminum construction and a powder coat finish that is electrostatically applied over a chrome flashing for a finish that will not corrode, fade or tarnish."

lamp post
Dark Bronze Park Style Patio Planter Lamp

"This beautiful planter lamp is made of high quality weather resistant materials, powder coated aluminum, U.V. protected acrylics and polyethylene, with stainless steel fasteners to protect against rust and salt air corrosion. Acrylic globes offer the best in non-yellowing materials and are more impact resistant than glass."

Outdoor Patio Lamp

"Enjoy the ambience and practical beauty of a classic motif lamp designed for outdoor use. This lamp has a beautiful rustic patina finish and is quality constructed with a solid aluminum body and glass lenses. It is fully portable and plugs into any standard outlet."

Two Light Lamppost

"Illuminate the front of your house, deck or patio in grand style with these outdoor lights. These fixtures are perfect alone or can be combined to create a private garden. Die cast aluminum construction with a baked-on natural iron finish, the globes are made with glass that is seeded."

These outdoor lights can be found at kmart.com

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