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Cheap, Affordable Wind Chimes from Lowes

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A wind chime can add such a soothing sound and atmosphere in your garden. Many wind chimes are quite expensive, however at Lowes they carry a very cheap and affordable selection of nice wind chimes. If you want to add a relaxing tune to play around your house, then going for one of these would certainly be a good idea. These wind chimes come in various sizes and shapes and play different tunes. Before buying a chime, you definitely want to make sure it plays a tune you actually like. After all, it will play constantly and if you pick something which you don't absolutely love, then you might get sick of it after a while. Of course some of these wind chimes don't play specific melodies but rather create soothing tunes and sounds which blend in and creates a nice background sound that isn't too pronounced.

You can find bird house wind chimes, butterfly wind chimes as well as Asian inspired wind chimes in different designs. If you are going for a Japan inspired garden for instance, then it can be a good idea to look for a chime that goes in the same style. If on the other hand you would prefer something sweeter such as a chime with butteflies, then that's available within this collection as well. So no matter what type of garden wind chime you're looking for, Lowes is worth a visit as their selection is wide and their prices are pretty cheap too. If you don't have a Lowes nearby, then visiting your local home improvement store (such as Sears or Home Depot, or why not Target) might be worth it. Other places which sometimes also carry this type of products is garden centers and nurseries.

Garden Treasures 26" Shaker Bird House Wind Chime

"Adds a decorative touch to your outdoor living area. Easily hangs from plant or shepherd's hook. Durable, weather-resistant finish"

Hayes 26" Butterfly Wind Chime

"26" overall height with 6 tubes. Traditional design creates rich musical tones. Wood and aluminum construction. Hangs beautifully in any patio or garden. Aluminum tubes create rich musical tones. Traditional design with blue glass butterfly dangler"

wind chimes
Garden Treasures 31" Temple Bells Wind Chime

"Produces peaceful, soothing tones. Asian-inspired design. Easily hangs from plant or shepherd's hook"

wind chime
Garden Treasures Multi Color Bumble Bee Wind Chime

"Adds a fun and decorative touch to your outdoor living area. Easily hangs from plant or shepherd's hook. Durable, weather-resistant finish"

These wind chimes can be found at lowes.com

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