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Charcoal & Gas Weber Grills from Kmart

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Kmart carries a nice selection of charcoal and gas Weber grills, which surely would be something I would consider if I was in the market for a new grill. Me and my husband bought a grill last year, and now I think we should surprise my parents in law with a new one, since we spend so much time over there, grilling and cooking, and their grill appears to have seen better days. So that's why I'm looking at these various grills over at Kmart. 

Weber makes such nice grills that are made to last. We bought a Weber last year and it has held up beautifully. Granted, we do keep it under cover when we're not using it, and I think that's imperative to keeping it nice and without rust. However the structure as a hole feels very substantial and that's what I like about Weber. This particular brand is definitely a bit more expensive than others available in the stores, however I think it's probably worth it in the end, especially if you grill as much as we do!

While some people prefer gas grills - no other brand rivals Weber's charcoal grill selection, at least that's my husband's opinion, and that's why we got one of these grills. The gas grills by Weber feature sleek stainless steel surfaces and lots of space for cooking, and that can be rather useful when you want to cook sausages, vegetable skewers and corn on the cob! Nothing proclaims summer quite as much as grilling outdoors, and one of these grills will really get your party going. So I'm trying to decide which one of these would be the best choice for my inlaws - maybe it would be better to get them a gas grill since they're getting older and it's less hassle, on the other hand the food won't have that same charcoal flavor. Hmm, tricky one, I might have to check around some more for some more options. The gas grill does seem to be rather large and I wonder if it would fit on their patio comfortably.

Weber Genesis E310 Gas Grill NG, Black

"Genesis E-310 has beentotally redesigned .It features 3 stainless stee lburners, and 2 stainless steel work surfaces. Attractive redesigned Genesis model. 42,000 BTU per hour. Includes 10 ft flexible hose. Stainless steel frame. 637 sq. in of cooking area"

Weber One-touch Kettle

"Get classic Weber styling with this One-touch Kettle Grill. Enjoy the benefits and flavor of charcoal with an area big enough to meet all your cooking needs. Patented One-touch Cleaning System. Adjust vents or sweep out ashes. Grate made of bright nickel-plated steel"

Weber The Ranch Kettle - 37 1/2" Black

"Large capacity cooking area meets the needs of caterers, country clubs, fraternal organizations or the local Scout troop. Locking casters and large durable wheels allow for easy mobility. No rust aluminum vents provide the proper air flow for perfect grilling. Aluminum construction keeps moving parts rust-free"

Weber Grill Q 320 Lp

"Packs a heavyweight performance and high powered features into a small footprint. Bolted onto a stationary cart, this grill comes with a hose and regulator for a 20 pound propane tank. Two burners allow for direct and indirect cooking. Electronic ignition and a grill light on the handle."

These grills can be found at kmart.com

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