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Landscape Patio Pavers from Lowes
If you want to create an old fashioned patio with stylish
Garden Stepping Stones, Pebbles & Rocks from Lowes
If you're looking to do some landscaping and place garden
Window Boxes & Planters from Target
A couple of window boxes or window planters filled with f
Specialty Outdoor Planters from Target
If your'e thinking about adding a couple of decorative el
Basic, Wooden & Hanging Planters from Target
If you're looking to add a couple of decorative elements
Artificial Grass & Backyard Putting Greens from Costco
If you're looking for artificial grass or perhaps a putti
Raised Garden Beds & Playground Border Kits from Costco
Costco carries a nice selection of border kits which can
Garden Ponds, Fountains & Waterfalls from Costco
The addition of water to your garden, will really make a
Rubber Mulch from Costco - Playground & Landscaping
If you're looking for rubber mulch for a playground or la
Resin Patio Pavers from Home Depot
To re-do your patio and add a practical floor area would
Garden Stepping Stones from Home Depot
If you're looking to re-do your patio or garden area, the
Landscape Rock & Stone Selection at Home Depot
If you want to add some interesting elements to your gard
Landscape Edging & Raised Garden Beds from Home Depot
Landscape edging and raised garden beds make it easy for
Backyard Pond Kits from Home Depot
If you want to add some dimension to your garden, then a
Fountain Water Pumps from Kmart by Pondmaster
Kmart carries a wide selection of fountain water pumps by
Garden Edging from Ace Hardware - Lattice Fence & Gate
Garden edging will give your outdoor space a more dressed
Lawn Edging from Ace Hardware - Plastic, Steel & Wood
Lawn edging will add various dimensions to your garden. I
Plant Stakes & Garden Trellis from Ace Hardware
Some plants need plant stakes or a garden trellis to supp
Patio Pavers & Stone Tiles from Costco by Decorative Pebbles & Natural Island
Patio pavers or stone tiles would make such a difference
Stone & Pebble Tiles from Costco by Decorative Pebbles
Stone tiles and pebble tiles are great if you're looking
Rubber Patio Pavers from Home Depot
If you're looking to re-do your patio, then perhaps these

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