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Birdhouses from Home Depot

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A cute birdhouse will add life and a decorative element to your garden. Home Depot is one store that carries a couple of pretty bird houses in ceramic. These birdhouses are available in various designs, however all of them are quite small. So if you have the right spot in your garden for a bird house, then perhaps one of these birdhouses would fit the decor of your house and outdoor space. So no matter what type of house additions or outdoor furniture you're looking for, Home Depot is great to check out - they have a wide selection, quality brands and reasonable prices.

bird house
Sticks + Stones Niazuma Birdhouse

"Enjoy this ceramic birdhouse with acrylic details. A perfect accent for lawn, garden, or woods,this birdhouse fulfills all requirements for a fully functioning and safe house."

Sticks + Stones Fly-Thru Feeder, Faux Bamboo

"Entry hole into house is approved size for bird safety. birdhouse will drain water to keep birds dry. easily unassembled for cleanout. hand glazed in rich colors"

These birdhouses can be found at homedepot.com

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