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Bird Baths from Sears in Stone, Mosaic & Cast Iron

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If you want to add a little more life and activity to your garden, then a bird bath might be just what you're looking for. Sears carries a nice selection of bird baths in stone, mosaic and cast iron. It's nice that there are so many different materials and styles to choose from: a bird bath in stone is certainly the most classic route to go, mosaic can feel wonderfully exotic and exciting and provide great looks and cast iron would add a romantic touch to a space. These bird baths are very stylish and can be found in various styles ranging from classic to contemporary. Another thing to pay attention to is height. Do you want a birdbath that is very high up or would you prefer something lower to the ground?

Within this collectino, you can find solar powered bird bath fountains, rose cast iron bird baths as well as mosaic bird baths in decorative designs. These pieces provide different styles but they are all charming and would be a nice addition to any garden. A nice bird bath can really add style and character to a garden. Suddenly you have a focal point and a reason for birds, insects such as butterflies to gather in your private outdoor space.  So no matter what type of bird bath you're looking for, Sears is a great store to visit, as their selection is wide and their prices are reasonable. Picking the right one can definitely be a bit tricky: there are so many styles to choose between! If you don't have a Sears nearby then you could also check out Home Depot, Lowes or maybe Target which tend to have a wide selection.

bird bath
Solar-Powered Fountain

"Just add water and watch it recirculate from a hidden reservoir using the built in solar panel. Operates in direct sunlight. Includes a low-voltage water pump with filter."

bird bath
Rose Birdbath

"Unique designs make elegant garden focal points. Durable cast-iron and aluminum construction. Powder-coated bronze finish on Crane."

bird bath
Opus 15-Inch Hummingbird Mosaic Bird Bath

"This beautiful Tiffany-style birdbath is perfect for your deck, patio, or garden. It has a long lasting, reinforced concrete construction with real stained glass. The stain glass features a hummingbird drinking from a beautiful yellow flower. It includes a 21" folding wrought iron stand with rust resistant finish. This decorative birdbath is a must for any bird enthusiast."

bird bath
Poly Resin Bird Bath

"Create a beautiful place for your robins and blue birds to drink from while you sit and watch the beauty from these birds. Made from a poly resin material for the drinking bowl and a bronze color to add beauty to any garden setting. 21 in. W x 35 in. H."

These bird baths can be found at sears.com

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