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Bird Baths from Costco

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A decorative bird bath will add such a nice touch to any garden. Costco is one store that carries a nice selection of outdoor bird baths in various styles such as lighted bird baths and Mediterranean bird baths. These bird baths are made in fiberglass and they are very stylish and elegant. Fiberglass is a great material to choose if you're looking for something nice looking and durable, but not too heavy. Fiberglass can in fact replicate almost any materialso no matter whether you prefer the style of metal, stone or ceramic you could probably find something in fiberglass that works for you. Then of course you also have other aspects to consider in terms of style such as height, depth and accents.

To add a bird bath to your garden is a great way to bring more life and create a focal point. The birds in your surrounding will be happy as will friendly insects such as butterflies. It's amazing how adding some water to a space can make it much more interesting so if you are working on making your garden feel like a better space, then going for a bird bath (or any other water element such as a fountain or a pond) could definitely be something worth doing. So no matter what type of patio furniture or accessories you're looking for, Costco would be a place to look into. Often you can find things there which you wouldn't expect and their prices tend to be reasonable as well.

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Malibu Bird Bath with Low Voltage Light

"The Outdoor Low Voltage Lighted Bird Bath from Intermatic is safe and easy to install. Add highlights to your flowerbeds, patios, gardens, etc. Architectural Grade low voltage lighting provides attractive ground level accent lighting."

bird bath
Floral Reflections Bird Bath

"Our Floral Reflections bird bath is a great addition to any outdoor environment. Made of durable yet lightweight fiberglass, this birdbath is easy to maintain and clean. Expertly designed and hand crafted to resemble natural clay, lined with Mediterranean inspired floral designs."

These bird baths can be found at costco.com

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