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Beckett Fountain & Pond Pumps from Ace Hardware

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A garden pond or a garden fountain is great if you want to add a decorative and soothing element to your garden. If you're looking for fountain pumps or pond pumps, then Ace Hardware is worth checking out. Ace Hardware carries a nice selection of Becket water products such as underwater filters, pumps and small water garden kits. These pumps will make sure your pond is kept clean and the water moving. So no matter what type of outdoor garden products you're looking for, Ace Hardware is worth a visit. At Ace Hardware you can find outdoor furniture, lighting, lawn decor, and garden tools among other products for reasonable prices.

Beckett Underwater Pond Pump/Filter Kit

"For ponds up to 700 gallons. Essential filtration for fish and plants. Kit includes: 3 tier nozzle, 1440 diverter valve, 2 extension tubes (so filter can be attached to a waterfall), G325AG20 pump with 20 ft. cord. Plastic bio-elements and polyester pre-filter"

Beckett Pond & Fountain Pump

"Dual purpose-pond and/or fountain pump. Energy efficient-30 watts. 400 gallons/hour @ 0' lift. Not oil filled. Easy to adjust flow control. Requires 5/8" I.D. tubing for connection. 15 foot cord. Adjustable for top or bottom intake. For underwater use only. Environmentally safe"

Beckett Pond & Fountain Pump

"80 GPH. For small fountains and pond art. Dual purpose-pond and/or fountain pump. Energy efficient-4 watts. 80 gallons/hour @ 0' lift. Not oil filled. Easy to adjust flow control. Includes 1/4" or 1/2" I.D. tubing adapter for connection. 6 foot cord. For underwater use only"

Beckett Small Water Garden Kit

"Creates a 4' x 6' pond (270 gallons). Kit includes: 8' x 10' liner, 210 gallons per hour pump, 1/2" I.D. tubing, hose clamp, and fountain nozzle (1406) or free spitter"

These pond pumps can be found at acehardware.com

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