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BBQ Smokers from Sears by Kenmore, BBQ Pro & Bradley

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If you really enjoyed smoked and barbecued food, then perhaps you would get a lot of use of a BBQ Smoker. Sears is one store carries a nice selection by brands such as Kenmore, BBQ Pro and Bradley. These smokers from Sears come in various styles such as larger vertical smokers as well as portable smokers. Some of these smokers can fit lot of food, whereas others are much smaller.

The process of smoking food is fun and interesting. Whereas it takes a long time to actually smoke food, there isn't a lot of work involved. Many of these smokers are very easy to operate and require little hands on attention. Of course you could smoke food using a regular grill however that requires a lot more hands on work and checking. That's why investing in a smoker can be such a good idea especially if you really like the taste of smoked food and would like to create more of that kind of food yourself.

Picking the right smoker can definitely be a bit tricky. You should take the size of the space that you have to work with, what your budget is like and what kind of feature you would like to see. Some of these smokers are really easy to use and you simply put the food in it, put the smoker on and put the timer one. Another thing you also want to think about is what kind of wood would you like to smoke. If you want to be able to smoke a whole turkey then you definitely want to make sure you get a smoker that could handle something that size.

So no matter what type of smoker you're looking for, Sears would be a great place to check out: they have lots of different products and their prices tend to be pretty good as well.

Kenmore Vertical Gas Smoker

"Love the taste of traditionally smoked meats, but not the time or work? This is the solution, the Kenmore Vertical Electric Smoker gives the flavor of a traditional wood smoker without all of the work, simply add water and wood chips and have delicous smoked meat in less than three trouble free hours."

BBQ Pro Deluxe Dome Smoker Grill

"Smoke some delicious turkey or cheese. The deluxe smoker grill is dome shape and made up of a steel frame construction. The grill is 17 in. in height and has 450 sq. in. total cooking area. The grill features a heat indicator and grate."

Bradley Smoker 4 Rack Digital Smoker

"Take your food to the next level with Bradley smokers and accessories. The ability to smoke, cold smoke or roast any meat to perfection is what sets these digital smokers apart from all others."

Vision Grills Kamado

"Grills, Smokes and Bakes! The high efficiency Vision Kamado design is the most versatile and effective way to grill, smoke, bake, roast and barbeque foods of all types. The Vision Kamado style of cooking locks in moisture so foods don't dry up, minimizes shrinkage, seals in the natural juices and releases the natural flavors by effectively recirculating heat to all surfaces of the food."

These smokers can be found at sears.com

Sun Jun 21, 2009 8:31 am
Name: Dennis | Comment: Bought a BBQ Pro Deluxe Dome Smoker for my dad for fathers day, and the goddamn brackets aren't what they were supposed to be and the thing dosn't fit right. We spent two hours putting this together on fathers day and it was a huge dissapointment. Its really sad that anymore you can't find quality work.

Tue Feb 23, 2010 9:04 am
Name: Nicole | Comment: I have a Vision Grills Kamado and I love it! It is easy to work and smokes out great flavor to everything that you cook in it! I would highly recommend this product!

Fri Dec 31, 2010 9:08 am
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