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Artificial Grass & Backyard Putting Greens from Costco

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If you're looking for artificial grass or perhaps a putting green, then Costco is worth checking out. Costco carries a nice selection of artificial grass and backyard putting greens in premium materials. This is great if you need some low maintenance grass for your backyard, as it feels very life-like and smooth.

These Costco artificial grass and putting greens are easy to lay out and can be used instantly. This product would be perfect if you live in an area where you have difficulty maintaining a lawn, however you like to practice putting. Another option would be if you like golf so much you want to create a practice course inside - or outside! Perhaps you have some space in the basement, on the patio or in some other space that isn't currently used and you think it would be the perfect spot to get some practice putting in.

These artificial grasses look very real and feel real too, so if you're going for a very authentic look and feel, then this would be the product for you. Another thing that's great about artificial grass is that you can forget about maintenance: no more cutting and managing, it's already at the perfect height and you don't have to do anything in order to maintain its great looks. So no matter what type of outdoor decor or accessories you're looking for, Costco is great to check out - and they only carry products that well made and built to last for many years to come.

Pregra Putting Green 50 - 12' x 20'

"Imagine the enjoyment you and your family will have improving your golf skills on the most professional putting surface available today. Use with or without sand, based on your play preference. Professional installation available."

Pregra Premium Artificial Grass

"Pregra Premium Dog Runs are a great choice for your yard. The new generation of artificial grass, it’s incredibly lifelike but virtually maintenance-free. No mowing or watering, no fertilizers or pesticides. Imagine the money you’ll save and the time you can enjoy outdoors."

Pregra Premium Artificial Grass MBS-250 Dual Yarn True Monofilament Synthetic Turf

"MBS-250 is our smooth blade monofilament, tufted with a monofilament and textured thatch. With a slight variation in color and blade thickness, it has an even more natural appearance. Little to no infill is required due to the thatch layer, pending your specific needs. Pregra, for a beautiful synthetic turf lawn."


These putting greens can be found at costco.com

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