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Aluminum Fence & Gate Selection at Home Depot

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An aluminum fence and gate can really add a stately, elegant atmosphere to your house and property, so if you're thinking of updating your entrance, then this may be the way to go. Home Depot is one store that carries a nice selection of aluminum fences and gates by Allure. These fences are made in high strength aluminum alloy - so they will stand up to a lot of wear and tear, and they are maintenance free: something that is very nice. If for example you bought a wooden fence and you wanted it painted white or some other color, then there would be quite a lot of maintenance involved, whereas with metal like here there is none.

Some of these fences are very simple, whereas some are a little more romantic and ornamental. The style you choose will definitely define the entrance to your home and your property as a whole, so you should carefully consider which type you would prefer. An ornamental fence will present a more traditional style whereas a sleek fence definitely would feel more modern. To replace your fence and gate, or perhaps to put one up where there were none before can certainly change the appearance of your home, so it can be a worthwhile change if you're looking for a change. Not to mention, a fence can be quite a practical addition, especially if you have pets or young children that you want to contain in an area. So one of the home improvement stores (such as Home Depot, Lowes, Sears etc...) would be a good place to start since they tend to carry a pretty wide selection.

Allure Aluminum Aluminum Fence 2-rail Metropolitan Style - 48” h, 72” w. ASSEMBLY REQUIRED. 4 Sections

"Aluminum Fence Section – Metropolitan Style 48” high, 72” wide. 48” Posts sold separately. 4 sections per box. WILL ONLY WORK WITH 48" HIGH METROPOLITAN POSTS AND GATES"

Allure Aluminum Aluminum Fence Walk Gate - 2-rail Metropolitan Style

"Walk gate - welded frame construction includes set of 2 self-closing hinges and a pad-lockable gravity latch. Magna Latch (perfect for swimming pools) available - sold separately. Drop Rod for double gate installation available"

Allure Aluminum Aluminum Fence Walk Gate - 3-rail Provincial Style

"Residential Aluminum Fence. 3-Rail, 15 picket fence sections. Fence section includes assembly screws. 54". 4 1/2'' high x 3'' wide Walk Gate. High Strength Aluminum Alloy - Will Never Rust"

Allure Aluminum Aluminum Fence Corner Post 1pk for 48in. tall section

"Corner Post - Holes punched adjacent sides - used to join 2 fence sections together at a 90° angle. Includes post cap and screws. Joins 2 fence sections together at a 90° angle. High Strength Aluminum Alloy - Will Never Rust"

These fences can be found at homedepot.com

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