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Affordable Outdoor Fireplaces by Martha Stewart from Kmart

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An outdoor fireplace is great when you want to gather friends and family on your porch or patio in the evening during chilly summer days. If you're looking for affordable outdoor fireplaces, then the Martha Stewart collection at Kmart is certainly worth checking out. Kmart carries a nice selection of wood burning fireplaces as well as gas burning fireplaces, and all of them are very stylish and good looking, and would make a great addition to any porch, patio or deck. So no matter what type of outdoor furniture you're looking for, Kmart is certainly worth checking out - they carry a wide selection, with many good looking pieces for cheap and affordable prices.

Martha Stewart Everyday Garden Metal Fireplace

"Warm up by a fire on a chilly evening. The metal fireplace features steel frame with durable, heat-resistant paint and heavy-duty steel grate. Includes mesh screen, easy-access hinged door, and 23in (58cm) poke."

Sierra Outdoor Fireplace

"Enjoy romantic fires outdoors without the mess or inconvenience of a wood fire. This fireplace burns Real Flame Gel fuel with no fumes or flying embers. Simply put four cans of gel fuel in the drawer, sit back and enjoy."

Char-Broil Trentino Outdoor Fireplace

"27 x 31 in; burns standard sized firewood. Porcelain -coated steel; side screens. Access doors on all four sides."

Arctic Pagoda Fireplace Green

"Pagoda shaped outdoor fireplace. Molded from cast iron and sheet steel. Usable year-round. Long lasting heat retention. Burns wood, charcoal or pressed logs. Cooking grid for grilling."

These fireplaces can be found at kmart.com

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