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Adirondack Chairs from Lowes - Rocking & Folding

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A classic Adirondack chair, fits perfectly on any porch or patio. If you're looking for good looking Adirondack chairs, then Lowes is worth checking out. Lowes carries a nice selection of Adirondack rocking chairs as well as Adirondack folding chairs in various colors and stains, so you're sure to get one that fits your particular decor and setting just right. These chairs are so comfortable and sturdy and will stand up to many years of wear and tear. To go for a classic design such as this could definitely pay off since it never will go out of style and it will always make any patio or porch look even more comfortable and timeless.

Adirondack folding chairs and rocking chairs definitely will give your outdoor area charm and comfort. You can always purchase additional cushions if you want to make your chairs even more comfortable. After all, these chairs are rather hard on their own, so in order to make them more comfortable, it would certainly be a good idea to add some cushions so you can enjoy sitting on them for even longer. These Adirondack chairs are available in a range of different colors, so if you want to match your outdoor furniture to your house facade or decor, then it shouldn't be a problem.

It's pretty neat that you can find these chairs in green, red, blue etc... so many wonderful colors to choose from, as well as the classic white of course which always is a great option if you can't make up your mind! Over at Lowes you can also find matching side tables and other great outdoor furniture which would go great with these chairs, so if you're looking to furnish your patio with some new pieces, then they would be worth a look.

Great American Woodies Cedar Rocker

"Handcrafted from kiln-dried, select Western Red cedar. Finished with a double-dipped oil stain. Rust resistant hardware"

Great American Woodies Folding Chair

"Styling reminiscent of vintage Adirondack seating
Handcrafted from durable alder hardwood. Folds easily by removing two pegs. Finished with a multi-coat, high-gloss, water-based enamel. Rust resistant hardware. Exceptionally versatile for both indoor and outdoor living spaces"

These chairs can be found at lowes.com

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