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Affordable Outdoor Bar Stools & Tables by Martha Stewart from Kmart

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If you're looking to create your very own outdoor bar area, then the Martha Stewart collection at Kmart is certainly worth checking out. Kmart carries a wide selection of affordable outdoor bar stools and bar tables in various materials such as wood, metal, and wicker. These bar sets are perfect if you have a small patio, porch or balcony that could use some furniture, plus these outdoor pieces are very stylish. So if it's time to get your outdoor space together, then you can get a lot done, even on a budget with the Martha Stewart options at Kmart where design meets low prices and practicality.


Folding Bar with Pair of Stools

"Patio sets in weather resistant wicker. Go ahead, invite the neighbors over for a barbeque or after-dinner drink with confidence-you have the perfect pieces for entertaining! These durable bar sets have the look of wicker in weather-resistant, easy-clean PVC with black metal legs. They look great on patios, decks and in sunrooms, too."

bar stools
Folding Bar Stool

"This cute combination will work perfectly on any patio. Both pieces are made of wrought iron; choose from a black or pewter powdercoat finish. The stool measures 16 in. W x 18 in. D x 41 in. H. Folds easily for storage convenience. Imported."

bar stool
Martha Stewart Everyday Garden Shelter Island Bar Chairs, Set of 4

"Made up of durable weather-resistant materials, the bar chairs are the perfect accessory for your patio. The chairs are great for entertaining and coordinate with other Shelter Island collection products."

Martha Stewart Everyday Garden Melrose Bar Chairs - Set of 4

"This set of four bar chairs feature powder-coated steel frames with weather -resistant sling fabric. One bonus serving stool is included."

These garden furniture can be found at kmart.com

Gazebos from Lowes by Garden Treasures, CedarShed & Handy Home

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An outdoor gazebo will certainly give you an additional garden space that could be used for relaxing, dining or partying. If you're looking for outdoor gazebos, then Lowes carries a nice selection of different structures. Some of these gazebos are made in aluminum, whereas others are made in wood. Some are more permanent structures, whereas others are easier to move. If you're looking for something for a party or other event, then you could very well make do with a temporary structure, however if you're looking to add an extra outdoor room in your garden to enjoy during summer, fall and spring, then a permanent gazebo is really the only way to go.

A Garden Treasures gazebo would be a great choice since their models are relatively affordable, however they carry a lot of style. Built out of aluminum and steel, these gazebos are perfect for a party, or for a more permanent situation. CedarShed gazebos are like the name indicates built out of cedar, and would certainly add elegance to any garden with their two tier wood structures. Handy Home gazebos are also made out of cedar and feature very sturdy designs. These garden gazebos are all decorative as well as practical. If you're looking for your structure to blend in well with your garden and outdoor space, then buying one in wood, perhaps in cedar would be great. This type of wood ages beautifully and olny look better over time. Sometimes however the wood does benefit from a staining or oiling, especially if you want to keep the color. If that sounds like too much work and you would like something a bit more industrial, then metal is a great choice as well. There are many nice looking metal structures which are very sturdy and well made, and then you can always replace the canopy over time as it wears out. So no matter what type of gazebo you're looking for, Lowes is certainly worth checking out. Other possible stores worth looking into would be Home Depot, Sears and maybe Costco which sometimes have nice outdoor pieces...

Garden Treasures Living 10'x10' Aluminum Deluxe Gazebo

"Black powder-coated finish for durability. Water-repellent canopy. Easy to assemble, tools required"

Garden Treasures Living 10'x10' Aluminum Deluxe Gazebo with Chandelier

"Rust-free aluminum frame. Wood-grain coated finish for durability. Water-repellent canopy"

CedarShed 10' Two Tier Gazebo

"This Gazebo Is Panelized And Has A Two Tier Roof. Outdoor Screen Kits Are Available. Made From 100% Western Red Cedar. Gazebos Come With Cedar Deck And Shingled Roof. All Assembly Hardware Included- Even The Drill Bit."

Handy Home Products 12' X 16' Monterey Oval

"Everything is pre-cut, nothing to saw. Easy to assemble with common household tools. Panelized construction for easy assembly. Crafted from select tight-knot western cedar. Includes decorative metal cap with two wooden finials. Decorative spindle styling. Shingle to suit your decorative taste"

These gazebos can be found at lowes.com

Wheelbarrow from Ace Hardware by True Temper, Ace & Jeep

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If you're doing a lot of garden work, then a wheelbarrow is such a necessary tool to have around. Ace Hardware is one store that carries a nice selection of different wheelbarrows by True Temper, Ace and Jeep. You can find poly wheelbarrows, easy lifter wheelbarrows as well as regular sturdy wheelbarrows. These wheelbarrows would be great to transport dirt, plants or tools around a property. So no matter what type of outdoor garden products you're looking for, Ace Hardware is worth a visit. At Ace Hardware you can find outdoor furniture, lighting, lawn decor, and garden tools among other products for reasonable prices.

True Temper Contractor Poly Wheelbarrow

"6 cu. ft. capacity. Poly tray with reinforced rib. Front tray braces and H-brace. Dual 16" 2 Ply pneumatic tire. Hardwood handles 60" x 1-1/2" x 1-1/2""

Ace Wheelbarrow

"6 cu. ft. capacity. Steel tray. 2 ply tires 16" x 4". Hardwood handles: 1" x 1.75". Working load limit: 435 lbs. at 30 PSI cold. Green tray"

Ace Easy Lifter Wheelbarrow

"6 cu. ft. capacity. 16" 4 ply ball bearing wheel with grease fitting. Parallel stabilizer bars. Unique design allows the user better control and the ability to release all of it's contents more easily. Welded tubular steel frame"

Jeep Wheelbarrow

"6 cu. ft. capacity. Steel powder coated tray. Disk brake system with locking system. 2-ply tire with tube. Steel handles with plastic covers. Nose guard. Tray brace. Leg brace. Black"

These wheelbarrows can be found at acehardware.com

Wood Sheds & Guest Houses from Costco

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Costco carries a very wide selection outdoor wood sheds and guest houses in various sizes. If you have been thinking about adding a new structure to your garden or outdoor space, then this would be a very good option to look into. These outdoor wood buildings come in different designs - however they are all relatively small and very practical. Do you need extra guest space, or do you simply need more room to store your tools and garden equipment? Then perhaps one of these outdoor storage sheds or guest houses in wood would be perfect as they don't require too much work to put together, and there are so many adorable styles and nice looks to choose between.

Most of these wood houses feature a simple design that could easily be matched with your current home. You can even paint many of these sheds and houses to perfectly match your setting. With a uniform color it's easy to create a matching picture, even if the building styles aren't exactly the same. Several of these Costco wood sheds and guest houses come ready to be assembled with floors, windows and everything else. That way you don't really have to think about anything other than decorating your little house, if it's a guest house, or thinking about practical storage solutions if it's a shed to hold tools and equipment. So no matter what your outdoor needs are, Costco is certainly worth checking out, however you might need to check their website, or one of their larger stores for these types of products, as not all stores carry this.

Rocklin Cedar Shed 8'x12' 50" Wide Double Door, Shutters & Window Flower Box

"This attractive and functional storage building is a welcome addition to any backyard or garden. The 50” wide double door is great for accommodating large items such as a riding mower or a motorcycle. The additional Dutch door is both practical and appealing."

wood house
8' x 12' Studio Guest House W/ Floor Kit

"The Studio Guesthouse is not your typical shed; it is an upscale garden building. The beautiful building shell can serve as a great studio, guesthouse, garden building, gift shop, office, den, outdoor storage building, playhouse, workshop, or pool house. Complete the building with your finish and find your own creative use."

Cedar Cabana / Shed 9'x6' Multipurpose Garden Shed or Pool Side Cabana

"The Cedarshed Cabana is an easy to assemble multipurpose garden storage shed, pool house, kid’s playhouse, or backyard retreat. The Cabana consists of pre-fabricated floor, wall, and shingled roof panels."

Arlington 8'x10' Storage Shed

"This popular gable building offers contemporary style and exceptional functionality at an affordable price. Heavy-Duty ¾” treated plywood floor with 2x4 treated joist and 4x4 treated runners. Easy access 64” wide double doors with galvanized steel hinges to prevent door sagging. Keyed, locking door handle to secure your content"

These sheds can be found at costco.com

Garden Arbors from Lowes

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If you're looking to create a romantic feel in your outdoor space, then a garden arbor is perfect. If you're looking for outdoor garden arbors, then Lowes carries a nice selection of different structures. This type of wooden arch could in fact add such a cool touch to a space, make your garden feel more intimate, create a focal point and have somewhere for grape vines or other plants to grow up on. Some of these arbors are made in aluminum, whereas others are made in wood. You definitely want to pay careful attention to what type of material you get: aluminum would be a great choice since it's durable and can stand up well to the elements. Nothing beats the classic looks of wood, however wood does require occasional maintenance if you want it to stay in excellent shape. There are also vinyl arbos that mimic the look of wood but in fact are much more durable, so that would also be something to consider.

These pergolas and arbors differ in sizes and some of them have rounded tops whereas others have flat tops. A rounded top creates a much softer impression, whereas a hard top almost look more oriental. Either one can be a great option, it simply depends on what style you're going for.

A nice Lowes garden arbor would be just ideal if you want to bring a focal point to the garden, without too much trouble. These arbors are perfect to grow vines or flowers on. They feature heavy duty construction and should stand up fine to the elements for some time to come. Some of these arbors feature a no hassle mounting system, adjustable opening widths for a more personalized look as well as designer quality design. So no matter what type of arbor you're looking for, lowes.com could certainly be worth a look since you will find a broad selection of different outdoor products.

Eden Arbors Wyndham Vinyl Arbor

"White only. Mount into the ground with pressure treated lumber sleeved up the posts or purchase our no dig, no hassle Aussie Auger Mounting system. Mount to a deck or patio"

Willows Wood and Metal Arbor

"High fashion, designer-quality design. Made from natural heartwood materials with a metal insert. 1-year warranty. Protected with planter guard for durability - finish resists weathering. Heavy-duty design"

Garden Architecture Cedar Berkely Arbor

"The Berkeley is a broad, pergola-style arbor featuring spacious full-length side panels
To accommodate various path widths, Berkeley features an adjustable clear opening. For lasting strength, the pre-assembled side panels feature furniture-style, mortise and tenon joinery of rail to posts"

Eden Arbors Waterbury Vinyl Arbor

"Items included are the necessary pieces to build the arbor, Robertson (square) screw bit, stainless steel white powder coated screws, and detailed instructions

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