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Truck Tool Boxes from Home Depot by Husky, Ridgid & Tradesman

Tue Jun 28, 2011 9:20 am
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If you have a truck, then a truck tool box is a very useful accessory to have. I recently looked around Home Depot and found a nice selection of truck tool boxes by Husky, Ridgid and Tradesman. I have a 99' F-150 with about 100,000 miles and the lid just broke on my old tool box. I didn't want to spend a whole bunch of cash on my older truck so I was looking for a decent, but pretty cheap model. I really just haul around some landscaping tools for my business, so I didn't need one of the really expensive models with any fancy compartments.

In general these tool boxes are great for garages and industrial sites as well as truck beds and most feature sturdy locks. You can store accessories or tools in these boxes and know that they are well secured. Most of these boxes are available in several sizes, so you're sure to find one that fits your truck.

I was looking for a heavy plastic model with a good solid lid hinge. Opening and closing the thing 50 times a day does wear on the hinge so I was really concerned with how durable it was. The salesman at Home Depot assured me that they had what I was looking for. So for the last few weeks I have relied on the what he suggested. It has been great for my needs.

Price: From $85 to about $900 depending on the model.

Description: Home Depot's selection of truck boxes by Husky, Ridgid and Tradesman. These truck boxes are available in various sizes and feature aluminum and steel construction.

Pros: Very good looking, durable tool boxes in sleek designs.

Cons: Some of the models are quite expensive; however there are option, so one shouldn't complain.

Conclusion: If you're looking for a practical truck tool box, then Home Depot is certainly worth a visit. These truck boxes feature heavy duty design and come in a range of different styles and sizes.

Blk Full Size Deepwell-paddle Latch

"This is a full size deep well aluminum crossbed in black. It has the extra deep drop of 12.5". The paints are electrostatically applied to maximize resistance to abrasion and corrosion. Fits most full size trucks and has the extra 12.5" drop for most storage room. The paint is electrostaticly applied to maximize resistance to abrasion and corrosion."

RIDGID 48 In. x 24 In. Storage Chest

"This chest is perfect for jobsites, truck beds, garages and industrial applications. Carrying a three-year warranty, it features fully arc-welded construction and has a durable finish for long lasting protection. There is an overlapping cover design for superior weather resistance and security. Its safety features include corner located lock housings, permanently retained locks and recessed shackles to prevent access by saws, pry bars and bolt cutters."

72 In. Aluminum Top Mount Truck Tool Box

"The TALTM72 is a 72" top mount designe for strength with weather proof gaskets. Front opening protects contents from the elements. Available in several sizes to fit most trucks. Front opening protects contents from the elements. Available in several sizes to fit most trucks. Designed to provide additional storage without losing valuable truck bed space"

21 In. Aluminum Trailer Tongue Truck Toolbox

"The TALL21TTB is a trailer tongue box. Ideal for storing boat, equestrian, motorcycle, and snowmobile accessories, as well as construction equipment. Trailer tongue boxes are a great solution for unused space. Notched lid fits flush against trailer wall. Secure locking mechanism."

Home Depot also carries other automotive related products such as garage organization pieces, car electronics and more. Home Depot features many well known, high quality brands and a large selection of various products for affordable prices.

These tool boxes can be found at

Sun Jan 31, 2010 1:02 pm
Name: rocky | Comment: looking for locking part for top lid of my tool box purchased at home depot a few years ago model # ALF571HD please respond thank you

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