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Garage Floor Tiles from Lowes by Flexi-Tile

Tue Jun 28, 2011 10:14 am
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I have found that garage tiles are useful for more than just a typical garage floor. We have hardwood floors and wanted to add a home gym. As you would expect free-weights and hardwood floors are not a good combination, so I decided to try a buffer of garage floor tiles instead of just trying to be careful. Now I would not recommend dropping a 45 pound plate just to experience the durability of the tiles, but it is a good just-in-case when you can't quite predict when you try to lift too much weight.

I laid out a few tiles, which interlock pretty easily and it made a great protective layer. Really you could use these anywhere you want to protect the floor. As a nice addition they also add a layer of grip so that you are less likely to slip when you are moving anything around on the tiles.

When the tiles are on a portion of the floor be careful not to trip since they are about an inch or so thick. Just make sure to keep all your weights...or tools on the tiled area so you don't have to walk on an off the tiles with heavy things in your hand.

Obviously if you're redoing your garage, then a nice garage floor is really practical. Lowes is one store I have found that might be worth a visit if you're looking for garage floor tiles. These tiles are available in black and grey and feature touch, hard surfaces that can stand up to a lot of wear and tear - perfect for garage flooring which might take quite a beating. A garage with a proper floor does also look so much more finished and put together than one without a real floor.

Price: Low, about $9 per tile

Description: Durable interlocking tiles in solid colors that are easy to install.

Pros: These tiles can transform a garage floor quickly. Affordable prices. Many colors available.

Cons: Some people might prefer a more sturdy solution.

Conclusion: This is a great product if you want a change quickly! You can lay a new floor over basically any surface and you can design it however you like and match different colors. If you have a tricky space, then it can be a bit difficult to lay all the tiles properly.

Flexi-Tile Gray Interlocking Tiles

"Neutral colors that look great anywhere, from garage floors to offices. Install on any firm, level, substrate including bare concrete, painted concrete, wood, vinyl, linoleum, ceramic tile, etc."

Flexi-Tile Interlocking Tile - Black Corner

"Flexi-Tile corners provide a perfect fit and finish. Full length corner strips stay in place. Sold 4 per pack. Use in conjunction with Flexi-Tile edging"

Flexi-Tile Interlocking Tiles - Gray Edge

"All colors available to match Flexi-Tile. Designed to stay in place, even in the toughest conditions. Installs just like Flexi-Tile, no glue needed"

Flexi-Tile Black Interlocking Tiles

"No glue needed, simply place and interconnect keys with a mallet. Ideal for garage floors, under gym equipment, offices, workshops, laundry rooms, motorhomes, trailers, storage buildings, etc."

So no matter what, Lowes is a great store to visit if you're looking for automotive tools or equipment. Their selection is quite small, however their prices are affordable and they carry a nice variety of well known quality brands.

These garage floor tiles can be found at

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