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Hello. This is the official beta testing community at Christonium. You are welcome to make contact and participate in discussions about the system and its various features.


Mon Jul 02, 2007 11:35 pm
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An item is a different word for a file that can hold a variety of information such as text, images, documents and youtube videos. Items are organized under categories and can easily be moved between different categories.

Any user on the system can share other people's public items and re-organize them under their own account, although only the creator of the item has the power to edit/delete that item as well as delete comments relating to that item.

Each item is structured in the following manner:

- A top bar lists the title of the item, the creator of the item, the date and time of the creation or the latest modification, as well the number of comments, the number of users who shares the item and the number of views. The share button as well as the print view button is also located in this bar.

- The text appears in the middle section and if there are photos, documents or videos, they appear as thumbnails to the left. The photo/video/document that is accessed appears to the right in the item.


To create an item you utilize the box in the right navigation called "Create Categories and Items." In order to create an item you first click on a category to organize the item under and work with it in the box to the right. Once you click "Create Item" you can add text, images, videos and documents in an interface. To further edit an item you access it in the top bar of the actual item where it says "edit item", and not in the admin box to the right.


The concept of an item that can hold various sorts of information is different from most applications, as well as the fact that items are completely structured in relation to categories. Items are free in a sense, since they can easily be moved and shared - the fact that other user's can literally share public items is something we haven't seen elsewhere.

The method for creating and managing items is unique and it does demand that the user familiarizes themselves with this method.


Please provide your perspective on items, the methods of managing them and possible changes and improvements.

General Structure

Mon Jul 02, 2007 11:07 pm
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A user's account is structured in an attempt to give the user access to various parts simultaneously. As you log in to your account you are presented with a command-center like interface that gives you access to your categories, items, mail and contacts on the same screen. The user’s view is consistent and the administration of an account remains seamless: the design, the editing, the posting, etc… all is integrated into the same view of the account. There are not two different designs, not one for viewing and then one for administrating; they both exist within the same frame.

The structure of a user's account is as such:

- Top Navigation entails possible logo, name of account and top level categories

- Left side entails subcategories when they are called, Profile if it is set, contacts and new items on Christonium.

- Center entails home page introduction and possible image, as well as the latest 3 items.

- Right side is only visible when you are on your own account and we call this side the admin side. It entails the area for creating, editing and deleting categories and items, and below that the mail center is located.


Most applications provide two different interfaces, one for viewing and one for managing. This "command-center"-approach is fundamentally different from most systems, in that it actually shows an accounts various parts simultaneously - not simply a link to mail, design, etc... It does demand that the user gets a feel for the system since you control each part where it is located.


Please give your thoughts on how this structure works for you as well as possible changes and improvements.


Mon Jul 02, 2007 11:07 pm
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Categories are fundamental to the structure of Christonium. All items are organized under categories, and items hold data. So in order to create any content on Christonium you must first create a category to post your information/photos/documents/videos under. Each account on Christonium starts out with a category called "My First Category" which can be edited or deleted.

Users have a lot of control in regard to categories. You can create an infinite number of subcategories under each category and move them freely. If you create subcategories they appear to the left when they are called.

A bread crumb menu located under the top level categories show the various subcategories when you go through them.


Categories are controlled at the box in the right navigation called "Create Categories and Items." This administration system is closely tied to the actual interface of the program. In order to create/edit/delete a category you first click on one existing category and work with it in this box.


This program is fundamentally built on categories in order to allow complete organization of information. The administration of managing categories and items is different from most applications and it does demand that the user familiarizes themselves with this method.


Please provide your perspective on this category structure, the method of managing them and possible changes and improvements.

Beta testing

Sun Jul 01, 2007 9:42 pm
Comments: 0 Views: 157 encompasses a variety of new features and concepts. In this category we will discuss Christonium's various parts from a technical, practical as well as philosophical perspective. To give your input, please make a comment under an appropriate item. Also, feel free to write this account with any questions or concerns.

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